ERASMUS+ Auslandspraktikum 2019

Internship Finland 2019

My colleague Florian Wieser and I had the extraordinary opportunity to do an Erasmus+ internship in Finland (Erasmus+ means that this internship was supported by the EU). Our journey began on the 27th of July 2019 and we first flew from Vienna to Helsinki. There we took a bus to Varkaus, where we were doing our internship for 6 weeks.



As we arrived, we immediately noticed that the temperature was a bit colder there. The city, however, was just as big as Wolfsberg. What we really appreciated was that the people in town and at work were always friendly and helpful, which made us enjoy this amazing experience.


The company we worked at was Andritz. First, we had the opportunity to visit the whole company and meet a lot of co-workers. Furthermore, we saw the small production area of Warkaus Works. Our tasks included working with a program which is called Doxis4 Wincube. I think this was a great opportunity to get to know it better and learn to work in an office, too.


In our free time we visited the nearest biggest city Kuopio which was pretty. As we wanted to see another city in Finland, we decided to visit this town. We saw a lot there, for example, Puijon Tower, the marketplace and the lake. Overall, it was a beautiful town, indeed. At the end of our internship, we stayed in the capital city of Finland, Helsinki, for a few days. I loved this city because there were a lot of things to see and the people were friendly, too.


Overall, it was a fascinating time and I will never forget this great experience. I learned a lot and it was a good chance to improve my English skills. Therefore, I would like to thank to Anja Hietaneva, who was always there when we needed something. Thanks also to Salla Lethinen, who kept us busy. I hope we will see each other again!


Written by: Anischa Walzl, 5YHWI

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